The Place

One of the best known traditional mountainous villages in Pelio

Vizitsa is one of the best known traditional mountainous villages in Pelio. It’s a preservedsettling which represents the original beauty of nature. Walking on the cobble-stoned paths you let yourself drift into the old days.

The village is surrounded by forests and with a beautiful view of Pagasitikos Gulf. The renovatedmansions, the traditional houses, the stone made fountains with the crystal clear water and the square with the huge plane tree, which covers the whole square with its long branches, compose a picture taken out of a fairy tale.

The architecture and the frescos are interesting to see. It is surely worth visiting the remarkable monastery ofSt. Johnthe Baptist that was built in 1789, the basilica church of ZoodoxosPigi (Life-Giving Spring) built in 1725, the chapel of Mount Athos and the main square with the stone fountain and shaded Fountain “Mousga” (1888).

Cafe/ Tavern / LocalProducts

Walking in the village of Vizitsa you will not resist to the odors coming out of the traditional taverns with tempting homemade dishes, made of products of the local land and farms.

Under this amazing plane tree, you will enjoy your coffee or drink and take a view of the great landscape that will surround you.

During your staying, you will have the opportunity to taste local cuisine along with some shots of famous ‘Tsipouro’!The most popular dish is “spetzofai” made of delicious sausages.

You must also taste the local sweets and marmalades, the pure honey, and herbs. Everythingcomesout of the land of Pelio.

Hiking / Trips

Vizitsa is an ideal destination for those travelers who love hiking, or walks through landscapes lush vegetation and breathtaking views of Pagasitikos Gulf and the slopes of Pelion.

One of the easiest and short path, is the old path from Vizitsa that ends at the Moutzouri Railway Station, neighboring Millies (1,5 km) or at the spectacular village Pinakates (3km).

Another one walking trail, a “journey” full of pictures, starts from the pathway nexttothe church of ZoodoxosPigi, crosses the beautiful waterfall, the settlement Argireika, many areas ofolive groves and ends in Kala Nera.

Moutzouris – The Little train of Pelion / AnoLechonia – Milies

The little train of Pelion is leaving the station at 10 o’clock at the AnoLehonia Railway Station. The littletrain’swhistle signals the beginning of an unforgettable trip.

The ascent on the beautiful slopes of Mt. Pelion has begun, History is about to unfold. The terrain between AnoLehonia and Milies is mountainous, filled with lush vegetation, mainly consisting of plane trees, olives, and pine trees.

The train’s only intermediate stop is at the AnoGatzea station from which it toils on to Milies and towards the completion of this 15km run in a total of about 90 minutes.